Real estate law, legal services for developers

The following lawyers are specialised in this branch of the law in this solicitor´s office:

Mgr. Radim Kubica
JUDr. Rita Kubicová
Mgr. Iveta Magnusková
Mgr. Lucie Ocelíková
Mgr. Radim Kalabis
Mgr. Adriana Stiborková

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Here you will find the articles published by this solicitor´s office in the topic of real estate law.

Within the scope of real estate law and legal services for developers we deal first with:
·         transfers of real estates – elaboration of purchase contracts, contracts of donation, exchange contracts including proposal of deposit of ownership in the land register
  • formation and examination of other contracts, as for example deeds of mortgage, agreements to conclude contracts, contracts on establishment of pre-emption right, contracts on establishment of right of user
  • solicitor´s deposit of purchase prices
  • within the scope of proportional co-ownership – contracts on cancellation and settlement of proportional co-ownership, cancellation of proportional co-ownership and settlement into individual housing units, settlement of disputes among co-owners
  • formation of declaration of owner and its changes, formation of contract of construction
  • formation and appraisal of contracts of lease and of subtenancy contracts
  • formation and appraisal of agreement on transfer of membership rights and obligations
  • verification of signature in contracts
  • establishment of legal entity, eventually of organizational unit of foreign legal entity for purchase of real estates
  • legal representation within the course of individual administrative proceedings which precede commencement of construction which means construction proceedings, planning permission proceedings and the like
  • preparations of contracts – contracts with bank which will assure financial cover of project, contracts on construction, reservation agreements, agreements to conclude contracts, deeds of mortgage, purchase contracts, brokerage contracts
  • elaboration of declaration of real estate owner
  • cooperation in construction, preparation and consultation of contracts for individual suppliers which means contracts for work, purchase contracts
  • custody of funds
  • representation in front of land registry offices
  • dealing with banking subjects, investors, with concerned administrative authorities, with media suppliers
  • assurance of services of qualified tax advisors
  • assurance of services of qualified construction supervisions
  • assurance of services of qualified architects