Penal law

The following lawyers are specialised in this branch of the law in this solicitor´s office:

JUDr. Rita Kubicová
Mgr. Adriana Stiborková

If you are interested in our services within this sphere, please, write to:

Here you will find the articles published by this solicitor´s office in the topic of penal law.

Within the scope of penal law we deal first with:
·         legal consultancy within the sphere of penal law
  • defence of defendant in preliminary proceedings and at trial
  • specialisation in economic transgressions and offences
  • representation of aggrieved party within the scope of criminal proceedings and within thereto related adhesion proceedings
  • solving of traffic accidents
  • drawing up clients´ proposals to inform authorities engaged in criminal proceedings or administrative authorities about facts indicating that there was a criminal offence or transgression committed