Offshore and ready made companies

The following lawyers are specialised in this branch of the law in this solicitor´s office:

Mgr. Radim Kubica
Mgr. Radim Kalabis
Mgr. Adriana Stiborková

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Here you will find the articles published by this solicitor´s office in the topic of trading companies and offshore

Within the scope of trading companies and offshore
companies we deal first with:
·         formation of trading companies pursuant to the Czech law – limited liability companies
  • complete preparation of documents and source materials necessary for incorporation in Companies Register
  • sale of ready made and established trading companies (limited liability companies) which have completely paid off their registered capital
  • provision of service of office at the address at this solicitor´s office
  • representation in proceedings in front of trade supervisory office, revenue office and  in proceedings in front of companies register
  • formation of offshore companies in the following destinations: the U.S.A.,  Seychelles, Belize, Cyprus, Great Britain
  • sale of ready made and established offshore companies
  • preparation of and drawing up of business contracts and documents, contracts for work, purchase contracts, contracts of lease on rental of non-residential rooms and the like
  • representation and legal consultancy within the sphere of business law and law of trading companies