Credits and loans

The following lawyers are specialised in this branch of the law in this solicitor´s office:
Mgr. Radim Kubica
Mgr. Iveta Magnusková
Mgr. Adriana Stiborková

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Here you will find the articles published by this solicitor´s office in the topic of credits and loans.

Within the scope of assurance within the sphere of credits and loans we deal first with:
·         preparation of contracts and of other documents – loan contract, credit contract, contract of provision of funds, contract of investment
  • preparation of reinsurance contracts- deed of mortgage, contract of holding transfer of ownership to movables as well as to real estates
  • assurance by bill of exchange - drawing up of bill of exchange, drawing up of blank bill of exchange, preparation of bill filling declaration
  • communication with courts
  • communication with distrainers
  • purchase contracts with postponed effectiveness
  • legal consultancy within the sphere in question
  • consonant declaration
  • contract of leasing
  • contract of leaseback of real estates
  • legal solution of ordered execution and of warrants of distress
  • solution of judicial right of lien in real estates
  • renewal of membership in association at discontinuance of execution
  • complex legal service at execution of credit contracts and reinsurance contracts
  • verification of signatures in credit contracts and reinsurance contracts
  • representation at recovery of non-settled obligations by the means of general courts
  • representation at recovery of non-settled obligations by the means of arbitration proceedings