Insolvency law

The following lawyers are specialised in this branch of the law in this solicitor´s office:

Mgr. Radim Kubica
JUDr. Rita Kubicová
Mgr. Iveta Magnusková

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Here you will find the articles published by this solicitor´s office in the topic of insolvency law.

Within the scope of insolvency law we deal first with:
·         activity in the position of insolvency administrator
  • registration of receivable in insolvency proceedings
  • representation in disputes dealing with exclusion of property from estate of debtor
  • consultancy in insolvency proceedings and representation in adversarydisputes
  • petition of motion for insolvency declaration
  • representation of client in bodies of creditor
  • consultancy to clients – debtors in all stages of insolvency proceedings including defence against unjustified insolvency (bankruptcy) declaration
  • consultancy in reorganization
  • capitalization of debts
  • negotiation with debtors (eventually creditors)