Corporate law and business law

Legal services within the scope of company law or as the case may be corporate law are one of the main pillars of the activity of this solicitor´s office.

The following lawyers are specialised in this branch of the law in this solicitor´s office:

Mgr. Radim Kubica
JUDr. Rita Kubicová
Mgr. Iveta Magnusková
Mgr. Lucie Ocelíková
Mgr. Radim Kalabis
Mgr. Adriana Stiborková
If you are interested in our services within this sphere, please, write to:

Here you will find the articles published by this solicitor´s office in the topic of corporate law.

Within the scope of corporate law we deal first with:
  • formation of companies in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and abroad – drafts of foundation deeds and contracts, securing of trade and other business licences, proceedings in front of registration court , contracts for members of statutory authorities, establishment of organizational bodies of the company (branch offices)
  • sale of ready made companies in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and abroad
  • changes of companies – transfers of business shares, general assemblies, amendments in deeds of association, changes of legal forms of the company, increase and reduction of registered capital
  • takeover of company – transfers of shares, transfers of property, purchase of companies, legal due diligence
  • merger, acquisition of company
  • dissolution of company
  • relations between controlled and controlling persons – report of relations among interconnected persons and its verification of them, contract to control
  • corporate governance – consultation at company management (optimization of structure of management and administration of stock companies, general assemblies, contracts on discharge of function, competence of board of directors and supervisory board)
  • protection of rights of co-partners/shareholders
  • assurance of complex or partial legal services – in agreed time frequencies also directly in the office of client
  • Greenfield Investment - providing of legal requisites for initial stage of investment, at verification of territorially legal regulation and of legal status of real estates, acquisition of lands, construction of manufacturing plants, financing of investment and at creation of a legal frame for relations of company with their employees and managers
  • unfair competition – false advertising, false designation of goods and services, development of danger of confusion, parasitisation on reputation of company, products or services of another competitor, bribery, detraction, comparative advertising, breach of trade secret, endangering of health of consumers and of environment
  • e-commerce, publicity – legal consultancy within the sphere of internet advertising, forwarding of advertising messages by the means of e-mails, creation and assessment of contractual documents (business conditions, purchase orders, set of rules of complaints and the like), domain names
  • contractual agenda – drawing up business contracts, namely both contracts designated as for example - contracts for work, purchase contracts, and innominate contracts. These are the contracts pursuant to the Commercial Code, Civil Code but also pursuant to the Labour Code or pursuant to the Copyright Act.