Legal services

  • Inspiration
  • Prices of legal services
We are inspired by the following quotations at our work:
  • To be successful means to do usual things unusually well.
  • The only king at the court is that one who may enforce stronger arguments.
  • We are not looking for imperfection, we are looking for solution.
  • The knowledge of law does not mean to remember the wording of the acts; it is the skill to utilize strength and power which are offered by the law.
  • Never give up, never, never, never.

  • Standard legal services are provided to clients at the rate of CZK 1,680.00 per each /even initiated/ hour of work or of consultation.
  • The rate of commission for legal services may be agreed with the client also individually. In case an individual rate is not agreed the rate stated in the first subparagraph applies.
  • VAT will be added to the rate of commission.
  • Cash expenses and costs for a provision of legal service will be charged separately.
  • The date of invoice issuance will be understood to be the date of implemented chargeable event
  • Invoicing is implemented monthly if not agreed otherwise with the client.
  • The proceedings costs in a lawsuit below to the solicitor as additional commission.